The campus will encompass analytical science and bio-refining, seed processing and future food development, as well as providing a space for enterprising collaboration.

Establishing an integrated approach to innovation between primary production and processing, adding substantial value to food produced in the UK, specifically meat, dairy and other liquids by improving key retailing attributes (shelf life and quality) and maximising functional qualities to improve human health.

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Offering companies access to unique pilot scale equipment and research expertise to develop new bio-derived products and processes from plants, crop residues and waste streams.

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Bespoke compositional analysis, biomarker technologies, remote monitoring, advanced data handling and modelling to drive innovation in the agri-environment, food, bio-refining and healthcare sectors.

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Ensuring industrial partners have access to a wealth of plant genetic resources, scalable seed processing and qualitative evaluation for innovative breeding programmes.

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Innovation Hub

A welcoming social space for both formal and informal events, to help spark chance discussions and encourage creative problem solving in a collaborative community with flexible meeting spaces likeminded innovators.

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