October 2018

Wednesday, 31/10/2018
Ben Jones

As expected, October saw lots changes to the site following the arrival of the first batch of steel early in the month. We’ve also been busy planning for our Steel Signing Ceremony on 12 November, which will be a chance for the team, our supporters, and members of the local community to come and celebrate our construction progress as well as our innovation aspirations in Mid Wales.

Once the steel had been quality-checked, it wasn’t long at all before we could see the skeleton of Aberystwyth University’s new Seed Biobank emerge from the ground. Being able to see the steel beams over the site hoardings from our offices gives us all an idea of the size and scale of the completed Campus’s size, which is very exciting. 

While the Seed Biobank has been taking shape, the foundations work for the Biorefining Centre has also been continuing apace. The contractors unexpectedly discovered some old concrete foundations during the course of doing this. These obstructions needed to be dug up, resulting in some pretty deep trenches. Nevertheless, the construction programme remains ahead of schedule.