February 2019

Thursday, 28/02/2019
Ben Jones

Much of the activity on site in February has seen our main contractors, Willmott Dixon, carrying on with the cladding of the Seed Biobank and Biorefining Centre. Last month’s bulletin showed the completion of the inner cladding for both buildings, whereas February has seen a lot of progress made to the outer cladding. The first four photos below show the progress made on the outer cladding (as well as the insulation between both layers) and the Seed Biobank with its outer cladding almost completed.

Our main contractors have robust recycling policies in place, vastly reducing the amount of material that needs sending to landfill, thus significantly lowering the carbon footprint of the build. Photo 5 shows their site waste segregation policies in place.

As well as the typical services that one might expect to see in a scientific building, the Seed Biobank will require additional capabilities when it comes to environmental controls.  Here we can see the air conditioning units in place on its ceiling. Rooms within this building will need to be kept consistently cool as they will house and process vast quantities of the organic matter and seeds that Aberystwyth University possesses and utilises in its cutting-edge crop-breeding research.

Finally, in the banner image above, we can see a drone shot showing the construction progress to date. You can just about see some foundations marked out to the right of the newly-clad buildings in this photo. Since it was taken, the foundations for the next phase of the build – the Future Food Centre, the Analytical Science Centre, and the Innovation Hub – have begun to be laid, marking the beginning of the second phase of the project’s construction.