January 2019

Thursday, 31/01/2019
Ben Jones

Owing to the Christmas shutdown period and less activity on site in December 2018, it has been two months since our last progress bulletin and the Aberystwyth Innovation and Enterprise Campus has changed beyond all recognition since our last update.

Instead of steel skeleton structures, we are now close to having two fully-clad buildings and the interior rooms of one of the buildings -- the Seed Biobank -- are even beginning to take shape.

The photos below show the completed steel structure being treated with intumescent followed by the cladding work that continued throughout January.

January also saw the installation of roof panels of the Biorefining Centre. The second photo below shows the progress of that work as well as the elevation of the site (where the Future Food Centre, Analytical Science Centre and Innovation Hub will eventually sit) and the AberInnovation Office Block in the background. The Seed Biobank can also be seen on the right-hand side.

Once the roof was complete and the building weather proof, work could begin on the floor. Photo number 3 shows the steel rebar in place ready for the concrete to be poured to create the Biorefining Centre’s floor. The concrete is due to be poured in early February.

As mentioned, there has been a lot of progess on the interior of the Seed Biobank since the last update, as the last photo demonstrates. The Seed Biobank will house three principle areas: a seed preparation room, a bulk seed store, and the biobank itself. This facility will give our partners and collaborators access to a wealth of plant genetic resources, scalable seed processing and qualitative evaluation for innovative breeding programmes.

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