August 2018

Friday, 31/08/2018
Ben Jones

We are sure that those of you who pass the site regularly have noticed some changes as the month has progressed. August has mostly comprised of continued groundworks, more service diversions, and - more excitingly - the laying of the first foundations for the University’s new Seed Biobank and the Aberystwyth Innovation and Enterprise Campus Biorefining Centre!

Due to the good weather we’ve enjoyed, especially earlier in the summer, construction is progressing really well and steelwork should therefore be able to arrive in October, as planned.

August began with the cut-and-fill operations continuing apace on the site of the Seed Biobank building. Before similar operations could commence on the site of the Biorefining Centre, data cables that supply the Beef Unit needed to be re-routed. We are very grateful to our colleagues from Information Services for assisting with this process.

Testing also took place to evaluate the site’s ground quality and suitability for construction works and in particular its substrate strengths, which in turn determines how deep the foundations need to be for the steel structure.

At the end of August, reinforcement cages were constructed for the foundations of the Seed Biobank. These cages are being lined with ‘shutters’ and filled with concrete to form the foundations of the steel superstructure. 

As mentioned in our July 2018 bulletin, our primary contractors Willmott Dixon have moved into a part of the Lord Milford Building and renovation work to make it suitable for their needs is due to be completed very soon. This includes forming a new drying room and canteen space for their sub-contractors to use.

Timber site hoarding/fencing will also be put in place now to replace some of the mesh panels currently being used. Our site billboards should arrive next week, so keep an eye out for those!

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