Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University

The oldest university in Wales, renowned worldwide for ground-breaking research and an exceptional learning environment.

The story of innovation and enterprise in Aberystwyth begins in 1872 when the University in Wales was founded. In the same decade, professor Henry Tanner of the Royal Agricultural College and Harry Parnall, Vice-President of the University put agriculture on the curriculum and ‘The Principles of Agriculture’ would be subsequently be published in English and Welsh.

Almost 150 years of revolutionary bio-science later, innovation remains central to the UK’s knowledge economy, but many companies still struggle with scaling up the development of their innovative technologies.

Our vision in building Aberystwyth Innovation and Enterprise Campus is to bring this expertise, plus new, scale up facilities to the business of Wales and further afield, so companies can launch their products on the market quicker, and thrive, creating jobs and competitive advantage for the region.

Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences