Shionogi Invests in Nemesis Technology

Ben Jones
Aberystwyth Innovation and Enterprise Campus, Nemesis

On 19 June, one of AberInnovation's newest members, Nemesis Bioscience, announced the completion of a seed funding round of £1.4m from a syndicate of new investors including Shionogi & Co Ltd, Coastal International Holdings and Wren Capital in addition to existing investors the Development Bank of Wales and the UK Innovation and Science Fund.

The funds will be used to continue the clinical development of Nemesis Symbiotics – DNA therapeutics that have been proven in preclinical models to reverse antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria. Nemesis intends to manufacture a suite of Symbiotics to both resurrect existing antibiotics made ineffective by increasing bacterial resistance and to protect newly developed antibiotic assets from stimulating such resistance

Commenting on Shionogi’s support for the technology and commercial plans of Nemesis, Takeshi Shiota, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Research Division said, “Shionogi has been watching the progress of Nemesis for a few years now and we have been very impressed with the team, their science and their novel approach to the problem of antibiotic resistance. We are excited to understand the potential for Nemesis Symbiotics in the treatment of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections and in the protection of newly developed antimicrobials from early resistance.”

Nemesis CEO Dr Frank Massam said the company was “delighted that we have been able to attract international support for our novel technology and business approach - and in particular that we will now be able to work with Shionogi - an acknowledged global leader in anti-infective clinical development - as we move forward to market with our first-in-class companion therapeutics